South America 3 Peaks Expedition – Phase 2: Monte Pissis, Part 2

Base Camp > Camp 1

Having rested my foot for only two days, we moved as a team up to camp 1. The route to camp 1 was initially a gentle ascent along two boulder-strewn valleys. After two hours carrying our heavy loads, we reached the first penitente fields and had the first clear views of Pissis summit. Our planned route to the summit closely followed the right-hand edge of the glacier. The ground began to steepen as we crossed a small glacial stream, and we were soon exposed to the full force of the wind, which seems ever-present in the Puna. We trudged uphill, with heads bowed, into the wind. By early afternoon, Dave had reached camp at 5,300m, and I joined him shortly after, by traversing left again and re-crossing the stream that runs off the glacier. Our campsite was compact, but big enough for two tents, and we reinforced the small rock wall to shelter ourselves from the wind.

That evening, we were blessed to witness a phenomenal sunset over the Andes.

Sunset from camp 1 on Monte Pissis

You can read the story of the whole expedition in the official Expedition Report below, which is also available for download: